Gas & Guns: Gasoline Pump Rifle Display Cases

8-Rifle display case

Basic cabinet includes: 
- Hardwood frame construction
- Adjustable felt-lined barrel & stock mounts for 8 standard
  and/or double barrel shot guns up to 51” long
- Illuminated globe (see reproduction globes page)
- Illuminated ad panel is removable for personalizing
- (2) Locking access doors
- 3/16” Tempered glass front
- Choice of interior and exterior colors
- Custom globe (shown with applied decal)

Fully Loaded cabinet includes these additional features:
- Real fuel nozzle, hose, reset crank and “Contains Lead” sign
- Illuminated interior
- 3-way switch to operate all lights

Cabinet dimensions:
22”W x 14”D x 63”H (79” w/ globe)

Weight: 90 lbs

Price:$1,599 Basic
        $1,799 Fully Loaded
             Plus S&H
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  Ad Panel 8X