Our very popular and unique display cabinet!
Inspired by the round, stainless steel “MobilTM” gas pumps of the ‘60’s…
with a little art deco enhancement.

- Hardwood frame construction
- (2) curved 1/8" glass doors * 
- Glass side panels *
-* Lower cost carbonized Plexi available
     Call for pricing.

- Illuminated interior: (3) dimmable LED's
 -Sleek, curved, illuminated ad panel
- Full-size illuminated globe
- Metallic-Graphite finish with choice of accent color
- Brushed alumni-steel accents
- (6) ¼-inch adjustable glass shelves
- Real, removable fuel nozzle
- Mirrored back Note: This in combination with
  the curved glass doors give the interior an
 incredibly deep, curved look.

Cabinet dimensions:
24"W x 19"D x 68"H (84" w/ globe)

Weight: 120 lbs.

Price: $3,700.00 plus S&H

Silver Graphite with Red Trim