Gas Pump Specs
All models listed below are the basic features for all units, unless otherwise noted: 

Basic models 
- Wood construction - solid wood & wood composite construction
- Illuminated interior & globe
- Illuminated ad panel (where applicable)
- Separate light switches for interior & globe - 3-way switch for lighting versatility
- Choice of globe and globe-body color (see Reproduction Globes page for selection)
- 3/16 tempered glass front
- (5-7) 1/4" glass shelves (depending on model) 
- Access doors, both sides
- 1/2 inch thick, wood, back panel
- 7 coats gloss lacquer-choice of color, with white interior

The "Full Dress" Pump 
These cabinets contain the following additional features: 
- Real fuel nozzle & hose fixed to side door panel 
- Real reproduction set-back crank fixed on opposite door panel
- Optional "sight glass" -- placement is determined by which model cabinet is selected
- "Contains Lead" sign
- See our Accessories page for additional applications